In Their Words

Basheir Hashim, Director at Webology

“Husain combines good brains, creativity and a passion for his work when motivated, a surefire combination. Highly recommended.”

Ikramy Ghidan, Senior Project Manager at Interactive Limited

“Husain made a difference in delivering quality design and information architecture to our clients. He has always chosen the best IA that suites the client’s business.”

Puneet Sakhuja, Creative Director at Interactive Limited

“Husain is the coolest manager I have ever worked with, a great team player, in fact he himself has a working capacity of a whole team! A real hard worker, passionate and dedicated.”

Sonal Wadhwa, Entrepreneur at SONA

“Husain is one of the most intelligent, creative and well exposed individuals I have met in my professional and personal lives. His skill in understanding a subject, identifying the issue and providing the perfect solution is commendable. I am sure of his capability to deliver an excellent product.”

Chandan Rajmachikar, Founder of Getafix Design

“Husain is an extremely calm, collected & attentive person. This helps him in understanding the clients’ requirements in a measured and often pragmatic manner which results in realistic commitments and timely deliverables. Also ‘says it as he sees it’, so there are no grey areas about him. Excellent work ethic too, Husain is very diligent, he keeps abreast with latest technologies and finds ways to implement them in a productive manner. His clean & decisive design platforms mean the output is open, more inviting, more navigable and less claustrophobic. Husain has an unusual combination of being highly creative while also a perfectionist, and in my experience that’s very rare. Having known him for 8 years as a colleague and now a friend, I can say that he really is a top man. He’s been and continues to be a delight to work with.”